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We pride ourselves on providing the very best of service to every single one of our customers, and we believe that our reviews show it. We always welcome any and all feedback so please, whether you love what we’ve done or if maybe things don’t turn out as you expected, let us know so we can keep doing things right or, fix what we do wrong!

Cheryl D.
Portland, OR

Scott continues to impress us and design some beautiful things for this Mama.  I purchased some gorgeous small hoop diamond earrings from him on Valentines Day of last year, what a treat.  They are beautifully made and gorgeous!…

Scott is a true craftsman and he can make you anything you can dream of.  He designed my wedding ring and I have never seen anything like it on anyone else’s finger.  The beauty of custom design is you won’t be wearing the same ring ten thousand other brides are wearing…

Renee H.
Portland, OR

My one and only Portland jeweler!  I came to Ari Diamonds 15 years ago with some loose diamonds and a few ideas.  Scott was able to interpret what I wanted and created an absolutely gorgeous ring.  This past month I decided I wanted to incorporate my original wedding band into the ring… Scott was able to take that old wedding band and blend it beautifully with the ring he had created 15 years earlier.  I love it!

Kristin K.
Portland, OR

Scott designed and made the beautiful wedding rings for my wife and I. He was such a pleasure to work with. He very patiently worked with both of us to collaborate on a ring design that we both love (we ended up getting matching rings), and they turned out beautifully. We felt so welcome by Scott and his family, and his enthusiasm for designing our rings was heartwarming.

Laurie G.

I went to Ari Diamonds after another jeweler had over polished my custom wedding ring. Scott oxidized it and restored it back to its original state and it came out perfect! I highly recommend him for all custom jewelry needs. He’s so down to earth and made me feel very comfortable. I will definitely be back for any future custom jewelry.

Judy E.
Portland, OR

Don’t be fooled by this jewelry store in this unassuming building!  Scott creates wonderful pieces.  Share your vision for your dream piece and he can create it for you at a much better price than the overpriced jewelry stores in town.  He reset my diamond in a beautiful halo pave setting! The detail work is exquisite.  I love it!  It’s a family heirloom piece.

MyatH M.
Beaverton, OR

Scott is one of the friendliest and informative jewelers you can ever meet! He worked with me patiently on designing my dream engagement ring. I knew exactly what I wanted, and couldn’t be happier with the final product.

Before you ask, I did shop around after receiving a quote from Scott. Since my ring has a lot of detailed features, one jeweler was not willing to design a custom ring from scratch UNLESS I spend an arm and a leg. Another claimed it was too “labor intensive” and suggested I buy a designer setting instead.

Thank you, Scott, for your exceptional service. I will be back for more custom pieces!.